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The site casinocalley provides not little information on how and where to choose slot machines profitable depending on various characteristics, how to break the progressive jackpot, how to play and how to win on slots. Here we have collected general tips for lovers of one-armed gangsters, which will be useful first of all for beginners. It is possible that some tips will help professional gamblers. These tips are suitable for both offline gaming visitors and online casino customers.

Do not throw money on systems

How to defeat slot machines with strategies? The answer to this question is looking for almost all users. Unfortunately, no system can not affect the theoretical percentage of return, which is embedded in the slot. This means that the strategy game almost does not increase the chance of success. Yes, it can slightly organize the game and control the bankroll, but no more. The result of each drum rotation is only the result of the random number generator. There's no connection between the backs.

Therefore, do not throw your money on systems that are sold on the Internet by cheaters. It is better to spend extra money in your pleasure on your favorite gambling activities.

Pay attention to RTP

Each slot machine casino has a certain percentage of return. The higher it is, the more likely you are to stay on the plus side. The lowest returns are in jackpot machines. So if you're not interested in how to win the casino jackpot, it's best to look for more profitable models.
Find out about the dispersion of the machine.

Dispersion (volatility or variability) - an indicator of how often and in what amounts the slot pays. Slot machines with high volatility give rare, but large enough prizes. But machines with low dispersion give out after almost every spin, but the winnings for these combinations are negligible. The first option is suitable for users with a large stock of money, which should be distributed so as to wait for a succession of losses. Slots with low dispersion are a great option for those who do not like to wait long. To get really big winnings here, you need to earn a bonus game.
Remember the club card.

This council concerns clients of land-based gaming clubs. Often visitors to offline casinos are holders of the club card. It gives the clients of establishments a lot of privileges: free drinks, invitations to drawings, promotions, tournaments.

Interestingly, a virtual club card to their regular visitors also offer some online casinos for bitcoins. In this way, they want to keep their regular customer base.
In an effort to break the jackpot, place maximum bets...

If you are dreaming of casino jackpots, please note that on machines where the maximum winnings are provided, you must play to the maximum. Return in these slot machines is small, so if you are not interested in the jackpot, pay attention to the usual slots with higher RTP.

Although today some providers of gaming software (such as Novomatic) offer models where the winnings of the jackpot does not depend on the set rate. However, if you spend a small sum on your backs, the jackpot size will not be impressive either.
Hurry up slowly.

Patient gamblers who want everything at once often choose a fast pace of play. This is advantageous for online casino operators, rather than for the players themselves. Fast pace - a rapid approach to the mathematical superiority of the casino, which manufacturers have provided in the slot machine. It is better to allocate more time for gambling to play more intelligently, think carefully how to allocate funds in the account and enjoy each spin drums.
Control your bankroll.

To beat the slot machine, it is important to carefully consider what amount of bets on the back to set. To do this:

1) determine in advance how much money you are willing to spend on the game. Focusing on this indicator, set the average amount of bets;
2) set a limit on winnings and losses. Do not overstep these limits;
3) be able to stop on time;
4) do not lend money for the game;
5) if you get a big winnings, cash it out immediately.

Keep the tournaments in mind.

Free casino tournaments at slot machines - a great chance to get rich without paying a fee. Win such competitions users with maximum winnings. They often receive awards in loyalty points, which can be exchanged for real money.
Use free-spins and casino bonuses

If you are offered profitable bonuses and frispins, do not refuse. But make sure you study all the rules of the offers. Find out if you are satisfied with the betting limits, wagering amount and other conditions. Many reputable resources offer good non-deposit bonuses that give you the chance to win real money without damaging your player's wallet.

Choose only the original models

In fraudulent casinos that operate without a license, the software is also not original. Forget about such resources. All slot machines from NetEnt, Microgaming, Novomatic, Playtech and others.

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